Saturday, June 4, 2016

Event 2

On Thursday, May 19, I attended the LASER (Leonardo Art Science Rendezvous) exhibit which showcased many works by different artists. To provide a brief introduction, the evening began with an exhibition where UCLA students broadcasted some of their art pieces, and then this exhibition was followed by a presentation given by Walter Gekelman, a notable physicist who discussed this idea of the fourth state of matter.

After looking at a few of the pieces at the exhibition, I found my favorite to be Lightning Mandala by July Kim.

Lightning Mandala was a piece made solely out of paper cutouts, that was comprised of a purple sky background, lightning paper cutouts on the exterior, and in the center of the piece, a human-like figure. I was especially moved by this piece because of its symbolic meaning. Derived from the teachings of Buddhism, the piece represented the inner struggles and chaos that occurs in the mind. This form of art most closely related to the topic of Neuroscience and Art. Artists like July are exploring the mind and furthering both science and art.

After the exhibition, Notable physicist Walter Gekelman came and gave a great presentation regarding the 4th state of matter, plasma. Gekelman was driven by the aesthetic beauty of plasma, and how its physical form created beautiful designs.

 I was amazed by the fact that he was conducting very technical, math-based experiments regarding plasma, such as the magnetism and relativity of plasma, and he derived these aesthetically beautiful answers.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the exhibition and lecture and plan attending many more in the future.

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