Monday, June 6, 2016

Extra Credit Event 1

On Sunday, June 5, I visited the Fowler Museum. To provide a brief introduction, The Fowler Museum is a collection of exhibits that primary focus on exploring African art and other cultural material. As I walked through the exhibit, I was drawn to almost all the exhibits. I particularly enjoyed the aesthetic design as well as the cultural significance of each piece. The artists behind these pieces were able to convey massive amounts of cultural information while maintaining a stunning aesthetic.

Particularly, one of the most notable pieces I noticed from my trip was the one pictured below.

I was amazed by this art piece because of its prophetic nature. If you look closely, the human-like figures are pictured using various forms of technology, such as the bike or some sort of agricultural tool. Obviously, this technology was not available when this piece was carved. It truly amazed me that these individuals were able to have the foresight to depict technology this advanced. Additionally, this act provides some insight into the culture itself. It shows that this particular African culture was highly dependent on technology nd was continually progressing technology.

Another piece I particularly enjoyed was this piece pictured below that acted as some sort of time piece

I enjoyed this piece as it had a strong functional value. From its design, I inferred that this was some sort of device that kept time. The black triangles on the outside could have represented days, and as you keep traveling inside the circle, the time increments measured grew. This is a perfect example of mathematics in conjunction with art. The geometric design of this piece is mathematically derived to serve a functional purpose, but it also maintains its aesthetic design. 

Overall, I truly enjoyed this exhibit as I gained great knowledge regarding African society. After this experience, I plan definitely plan on attending more events like this, as to broaden my cultural knowledge. 

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