Saturday, June 4, 2016

Event 3

On Thursday, June 2, I attended the exhibit held by UCLA Design Media Arts in Broad Art Center, titled S.A.D. S.A.D, standing for Staring in the Age of Distraction Show, was an exhibit of 55 UCLA seniors, as they broadcasted their final projects before graduation. In this exhibition, the works were commentaries on the current state of society. Many artists spoke to the low attention spans of contemporary individuals.

After walking into the exhibit, I looked around and talked to many of the artists as they described their works. My favorite piece was a cardboard construction of a city, which lights representing the finer details of a city were projecting onto.

After speaking with the creator of this piece, I definitely resonated with it the most. They pointed out the simplicity of the city. It was so simple, that the city could be considered mundane. The artist pointed out that she did that on purpose, as she believes that people fail to realize the beauty of cities. In the eyes of people who live in these cities, it is so familiar, and mundane, that people fail to recognize its beauty, and that is what this piece speaks to. After some thought, this resonated with me as I also fail to recognize the beauty of my environment many times. This piece encouraged me to take some time just to appreciate the world around me.   

Although this exhibit did not align with any of the topics we have discussed specifically, thematically, the message is the same. Specifically, I remember after watching week 1’s lectures and the corresponding video about changing education paradigms, and leaving that with a new found respect for the world around me. The same occurred after this exhibit.

Overall, the experience was very enlightening, and I plan to visit many more exhibits during my time at UCLA and after.  

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